Panasonic Power Loader sheds some iron

Panasonics’s Power Loader robot suit that actually helps you feel like the Incredible Hulk when you don it due to the augmentation of your strength is now available in the form of a much lesser version – dubbed the Power Loader Light. It will still rely on a direct force-feedback system that predicts and augments your leg movements, and is capable of increasing strength by up to 40kg. Six-axis force sensors located in the foot pedals will sense when you move and shift your weight, so that the Power Loader Light is capable of matching your leg movements lest you make a fool of yourself wearing one while trying to move around. Purchasing one of these as a Halloween suit is not a good idea considering the $223,000 price tag, but we do hope to see it drop in price with further research done on the suit. Its investors hope to see a commercial, working model in three years’ time.


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