Sennheiser Launches Four New Headsets

Folks who are in the market with some serious money to burn will be happy to hear that Sennheiser has launched four new headsets in the US, namely the PC 360, PC 333D, PC 330, and PC 163. The PC 360 is the flagship model that features a noise-canceling microphone on the left which will mute itself when you swivel it out of the way. A volume wheel is integrated on the right ear cup, allowing for quick adjustments during a game or movie. The PC 333D and PC 330 share a similar design with the main difference being the use of Dolby Headphone technology to simulate 7.1 surround sound on the 333D. Sennheiser has also included a DJ Hinge into the right side of each headset, allowing the user to swivel that ear cup around to hear someone who is talking to you. A noise-canceling microphone is also included that mutes itself, just like on the PC 360. It’s also worth noting that the PC 333D connects via USB while the PC 330 is an analog model. Finally, the PC 163D is a USB headset that also features Dolby Headphone technology to simulate 7.1 surround sound and a noise-canceling microphone along with integrated controls. Expect to pay $229.95 for the PC 360, $239.95 for the PC 333D, $209.95 for the PC 163D and $169.95 for the PC 330, with all four headsets being available now.


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