Social Media Monitoring is the Key to Developing Successful Gadgets

Social Media Monitoring San Francisco is a two day conference that will bring together leading brand representatives, PR professionals, and marketing experts to discuss the latest ideas, trends and techniques in social media monitoring. It is an event packed with case studies and how to tips.

Why is this important? Because delivering products that satisfy user’s needs, wants, and desires is critical to businesses that aspire to create the products of the future. How many times have you heard someone say, “I wish my iPad had a…..” Understandably, many companies are turning their attention to social media sites like Twitter and Facebook and using listening software to monitor those very types of conversations.

Listening software is also used to monitor complaints and to identify product challenges. It can be instrumental when setting the content of marketing and PR campaigns. Nowadays, all savvy businesspeople know that saying the right things about your gadget, at the right time, in the right context, is critical to getting your message across and selling products. In short, monitoring social media sites is the way you will know if your target audience has received your message.

There are free listening software products, such as Google Alerts, but more sophisticated solutions such as BrandWatch, Constant Contact, Radian 6, Synthesio and Marchex provide additional tools that can really help your company take things to another level.

To learn more about the applications, benefits and uses of listening software and its implications in the modern business context, come to Monitoring Social Media San Francisco on October 21st and 22nd. Ubergizmo is a media partner and Ubergizmo readers get 10% off! Just register with code Ubergizmo10:

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