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Thanks to algorithms and filters, companies such as Facebook can manage content uploaded to its platform without necessarily needing human intervention. However, as with all things, it is not 100% accurate or reliable. In fact, recently there was a hilarious report of how Facebook’s filters had attempted to censor the photo of a Mac G4 computer for apparently being “overtly sexual”.

According to a post on the MacRumors forum by user kyjaotkb, he had uploaded a photo of the computer that he/she was trying to sell when it was later taken down with the message in the screenshot above. We’re not sure how Facebook’s filters decided that this was an “overtly sexual” image, but maybe the sleek curves of the computer might have something to do with it.

The original post reads, “I am trying to sell an old G4 tower on Facebook but their AI is loosing its cool on my G4 MDD’s sexy curves. That sure wouldn’t happen with a modern, square piece if metal! Makes me want to keep it…” We’re not sure if the OP attempted to relist the computer following the takedown, and neither has Facebook commented on the issue.

That being said and humor aside, this photo is as innocent as it gets and we imagine that the OP should have no problems appealing it if they really wanted to.

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