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A recent survey by JDP sheds some interesting facts and data on job seekers in the US having social media accounts.

To be honest, it is quite evident that the social media activity of individuals matters. One could analyze their interests, opinions, potential personality, and more just by taking a look at their social media activity.

So, from the survey, it looks like most of the Americans are tailoring their social media presence just to get a better opportunity (or ensure success).

Among the people involved in the survey, 84% of them believe that social media activity does influence the hiring decision.

While some of them tailor their activity to ensure a positive outlook and the others simply enforce strict privacy options to make their social media activity private.

Surprisingly, 9% of the users want to even hide their LinkedIn activity (which is actually meant to influence hiring decisions). On the other hand, keeping Facebook activity hidden is the most favorite thing for 45% of the people surveyed.

It is quite obvious that Facebook is the biggest social media platform – so they prefer to hide their activity to prevent the influence on the hiring decision.

Not just limited to hiding the activity – the majority of the people created an alias on Facebook to keep their real/professional activity separate.

You may not want to hide your social media activity, but a lot of people think that they should tailor or hide their social media presence to get better job opportunities (and prevent influencing hiring decisions).

What’s your take on this? You can take a look at the complete survey on JDP and share your thoughts in the comments.

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