TDK introduces 1TB optical disc

When DVDs first arrived on the scene, we were blown away by the amount of storage such a disc holds compared to regular CDs. This was replaced by Blu-rays a few years back, although DVDs are still a whole lot more popular simply because of the much lower ownership cost compared to Blu-rays. TDK could very well usher in a new era of personal storage with their 1TB capacity prototype disc which made a splash at CEATEC last week. This was made possible thanks to the creation of 16 recording layers on the medium, where each of them feature a capacity of 32GB. When placed side-by-side with Blu-ray, the latter has a 25GB or 50GB (dual layer) capacity and a maximum of four layers. Read speeds have been stated to be similar to those of Blu-rays, but we would have liked to see an improvement in that department. Can you imagine burning 1TB of data when you’re in a rush? TDK hopes that other disc manufacturers will join forces with them before this can be commercialized on a large scale.

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