Bonsai trees are beautiful and live longer than humans, but everyone knows that they require maintenance and dedication. Bons-AI is an interactive demo from TDK which pushes the whole Bonsai concept into the future.

Transformed into a smart tree thanks to its high-tech base, the tree can now move around to place itself at the best location to receive sunlight. The base can accept up to a 20 Kg (~40 Lbs) weight, in other words: a very beautiful (and old) Bonsai.

We really liked the industrial design which is most definitely modern but would fit a traditional house, or even a zen garden patio, very well.

It is possible to speak to Bons-AI, and it will act somewhat like a simple, smart speaker. But sometimes, it is the tree that will seek your help: when moisture sensors detect that it is too dry, it will come to its human owners to ask for water by having the base change color.

Bons-AI isn’t a product, but one of the cool demos that TDK came up with to demonstrate what its various components and sensors can do. Bons-AI is fitted with a soil sensor, a camera (to guide its motion), a motion sensor (for stability), a small solar cell, an ambient light sensor, a wireless charger and of course, a microprocessor.

Overall, it’s a good demo, because it’s not easy to cheer people up in your booth when you are a sensor company. We’re curious to see what the company is coming up with next. Perhaps a bonsai that can trim and water itself?

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