tdk-ceraplus[CEATEC 2015] If you were to bring today’s technology back by a few hundred years, chances are you would be excommunicated from the church or even burnt at the stake simply for indulging in witchcraft, what with floating around on a personal mobility device or even being able to communicate with someone else who is separated by a few thousand miles via a smartphone. Well, thankfully we are not living in those dark ages any more, which is why the CeraPlas from TDK is a whole lot more interesting than expected. Just what is CeraPlas? It happens to be a piezoelectric component which will be able to churn out a very efficient generation of cold atmospheric pressure plasma, uniquely merging the voltage transformation and plasma generation into a single component.

Once again, the theme of miniaturization is here again, and as a piezoelectric transformer, the CeraPlas is has the ability to generate the relevant amount of high voltage, while simultaneously having plasma generation occur at its output side. In a demonstration of what this technology is capable of, we were shown a piece of transparent film, where an ordinary marker could not have its ink written or doodled all over the place. Give that piece of transparent film a once over in selected areas with the CeraPlas, and the same marker could then, for want of a better word, leave its mark.

As for its practical applications, TDK is looking into manipulating CeraPlus to have it clean and disinfect surfaces, or perhaps even in the effort of preserving food, or in healthcare when it comes to disinfecting wounds. Do bear in mind that use of CeraPlus would generate ozone – which isn’t all that great in the long run of things for our planet.

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