UQ WiMax Provider hits 300Mbps with WiMax2

[CEATEC 2010] In Japan, UQ is the sole WiMax provider (a little like Sprint in the USA), and although WiMax coverage is far from reaching all parts of the country, UQ has been playing with WiMax 2 already. Their version of WiMax 2 (IEEE 820.16m) uses the 40Mhz frequency and can reach a maximum download speed of 330Mbps (112Mbps upload). That said, this throughput can only be reached using MIMO, which is a way of using multiple frequencies at once. The caveat is that it might be very difficult to reach that top speed with a single download on a single device — which is kind of what we would all want. We’ll see how WiMax will evolve as the first LTE networks are scheduled to hit the USA in 2011, but in any case, expect your effective speed to be much less than this. This is a tech demo with peak theoretical numbers.

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