Mobile hotspots are great especially if the connection offered is significantly better than what you have, not to mention it will also help reduce the amount of data you’re consuming as far as your data plan is concerned, or if your carrier’s reception is particularly poor in a certain area. In any case, if a mobile hotspot that you can bring with you wherever you go sounds like a good idea, you might be interested in hearing about FreedomPop’s project, which according to reports is an iPhone 4/4S case that has a WiMax radio built into it, allowing the internet to be shared with up to eight devices including the iPhone that it’s been attached to.

The WiMax will be powered by ClearWire’s 4G network, and will provide users with a 1GB data plan whereby overages are charged at a penny for every MB, essentially amounting to about $10 for a 1GB. No word on how much the FreedomPop case will cost, but according to sources, users can expect to shell out $100 in deposit which can be refunded when users terminate their subscription as long as the case is still in good condition. It’s a pretty interesting idea and the idea of a persistent wireless connection on the go is always welcome.

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