Vudu streams to Boxee Box, PC and Mac

Vudu has just announced that it is coming to the Boxee platform in November, and that’s really cool for many reasons: first of all, it’s a very exciting service addition to the Boxee platform, and the Boxee Box in particular. Secondly, because Boxee also runs on Windows, Ubuntu and Mac, this means that those platforms will get Vudu as well. (PS: we just noticed that the Boxee Box price is at $200 instead of $300 on Amazon).

If you’re not familiar with Vudu, it’s a commercial video-streaming service that has an excellent video-quality. Movies (even in HD) start streaming either right away or after minutes, while other services have you wait for more than 30mn for an HD 1080p movie. Boxee has started as a TV app for computers, but has recently branched into the hardware space with the Boxee Box, powered by D-Link. Boxee (the software) can be downloaded for free.

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