Dell Venue Pro doesn't play nice with SIM cards

It seems that Dell’s Venue Pro device isn’t that “professional” after all, considering the fact that some units do not want to jive with the humble SIM card. In an email to T-Mo News, Dan Seiden lists down his grouses after returning his engineering sample to a Microsoft store as follows, “Just wanted to drop a note to you.. I got a call about replacing my Engineering Sample Dell Venue Pro over the weekend. I had not been having to many issues with mine but they had replacement units in and I went down to the Microsoft store. After getting there they exchanged my phone and I thought I was going to be happy with a newer unit that seems to have a slightly better build. Popped my SIM card in there and was faced with a SIM card error message. Having lots of phones I figured the card was not seated and opened it up and reseated it. Well to make a long story short.. I tried three different SIM cards in two other units and none of them would take the card. Getting home and looking over the forums it seems this was happening with all the units that had gone out. Seems like someone at Dell is going to be getting fired.” It seems as though that all but one of the new batch of Venue Pros could not read SIM cards. Dell certainly hasn’t gotten off on the right footing with the Venue Pro, that’s for sure.


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