Samsung Galaxy Tab Teardown Reveals $205 Bill Of Materials

The folks over at iSuppli have taken the time to inspect Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, giving us a Bill of Materials (BOM) of the device. From their analysis, the Galaxy Tab costs slightly less than a similariPad to manufacturer at $205.22, compared to the $264.27 for a 16GB 3G iPad. While many parties have cited the inclusion of front and back cameras on the Galaxy Tab as the reason for its high selling price, it’s interesting to note that the parts cost just $7.95 combined. One of the key differences in pricing between the two devices will be the seven-inch display which costs just $57, compared to the iPad’s IPS panel which is said to cost about $95. While checking out the material cost of these devices is already an interesting way to gain perspective, it’s always worth noting that they don’t include other costs such as marketing, research and other factors that might lead to tighter margins, so make your buying decision based on what’s best for you, rather than worrying about which company makes more profit off you.

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