Google Cr-48: The First Chrome OS Netbook

Google has just announced an unbranded Google Cr-48 laptop, which is the symol for the chromium isotope on the periodic table. The device will be distributed through a Chrome OS Pilot Program, which is in public beta and users can apply for if interested. Google’s hoping that early users will provide feedback, and there isn’t a purchase option right now for Cr-48; retail units from Acer and Samsung will be made available in 2011.

The “always connected” feature is one of the most interesting, thanks to the partnership with Verizon, the special deal include a “pay as you use 3G” option, and every month you will get 100 MB of free data. There’s no activation, overage or cancellation fee. It’s all self-activated. It works abroad too. (Really?) You can get a day pass for $9.99, or buy data in chunk.

Cr-48 features include:

  • 12.1-inch display,
  • full keyboard
  • over capacious trackpad,
  • world roaming support for 3G mobile broadband with Verizon support (U.S.)
  • 802.11n dual-band WiFi,
  • 8+ hours of active use battery life and
  • 8+ days of standby time,
  • webcam
  • flash storage


Google Cr-48: The First Chrome OS Netbook

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