Apple products generally generate a whole lot of interest, and this is not surprising considering the quality of design and thought that went into the whole thing. The iPad is no exception either, and this hot selling tablet device has another rumor going for it – touted to feature a new iPod touch-like back and a wide-range speaker. Of course, with these whispers, you can expect a smaller bezel to go along with it. The smaller bezel would be more than welcome since it has been something that folks have been clamoring for ever since the iPad hit the market, but despite that “flaw”, it has not stopped the device’s phenomenal sales so far. Apart from that, if the new iPad has a back that is flat like that of the iPod touch, it would also be more than welcome. Hopefully the new design will be turned into reality sooner rather than later – after all, the ailing economy needs a nice kick in the butt, don’t you think so?

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