Want to spruce up your home this holiday season with a slew of fairy lights trailing all over the front porch? It might be fun the first few years, but after a while, it might end up as a chore instead. For those who feel that putting up outdoor Christmas lights is too much of a hassle during the winter (not to mention taking them down afterwards), here’s the LiteLocker that might help you out of a tight spot. This solution will fold up and hide the lights behind a protective cover once the Christmas season is over, which means the lights will always be there – and you need not get that ladder out, climbing all over the place to remove it. Available in 4-foot lengths, the LiteLocker will ship with the relevant wiring, sockets and light bulbs to get you started right out of the box. It will cost $69.95 for each 24-foot (7.3-meter) kit, so fitting a large home might cost a small fortune, but isn’t it worth the money if you don’t need to fix up the lights and take them down each year?


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