As the launch event of the iPhone 5 draws near, many iPhone users are planning to shed the older models and grab the new one. However, as eager as they may be, they also wish to extract the best re-sale value from their device

Naturally, an unlocked iPhone gathers far better money in resale compared to one that is not. In a surprise move, AT&T has provided the users of AT&T iPhones an option to unlock their devices. However, you will have to fulfill certain requirements before being able to profit from this deal.

You must be using an AT&T iPhone to be able to request an unlock. iPhones from other carriers will not be extended the courtesy. Also, the contracts tied to the iPhone you wish to have unlocked must’ve been fulfilled. Finally, and quite obviously, your iPhone must not have been reported as stolen.

If you fulfil the requirements, you can fill in the request form to have your iPhone unlocked. AT&T promises to fulfil the requests within five to seven days. This sounds like a great idea to reach out to the customers and extend them a useful service so that they wouldn’t switch the carriers once iPhone 5 launches. Good luck…

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