Motorola Working On Two DEFY-like Rugged Phones For Summer 2011

The Motorola DEFY is a rather popular rugged phone, especially for folks who live an active lifestyle. Now word is going around that Motorola is working on two phones that are similar to the DEFY (pictured), both of which will be released as soon as the summer of 2011. The rumors come from a rather reliable source, Eldar Murtazin of mobile-review, and state that the phones will be half the price of the Motorola DEFY and still offer touchscreen displays. Despite not being fully waterproof, the phones will still offer the IP54 International Protection code for rugged handsets, promising a degree of protection against dirt, rain, sleet, snow and dust. The Motorola DEFY offers the IP67 code for a waterproof rugged device. The phones should use a candybar form factor similar to the DEFY and hopefully they won’t be plagued by the faulty earpiece issue that surfaced recently.

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