Recoil Saw bounces through intended target

A hand saw is one of the more primitive methods of cutting a block of wood in two, and is definitely not one of the more efficient ways. On the bright side, at least it offers a great workout, something that most of us don’t really get these days what with our laidback, office-based lifestyles. Well, John Zimmerman, a software developer by day, has come up with the Recoil Saw that will feature one or more spring-loaded impact bars attached to the blade. This means at the end of each stroke, the spring will compress as the bar hits the material being sawed, followed by a release that sees the energy flowing back into the following return stroke. The whole point to the Recoil Saw? To enable you to ‘bounce’ through cutting jobs while breaking as little sweat as possible. Interesting, although it will definitely not signal the death of power saws.

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