TAG Heuer Fuchsia MERIDIIST GMT ready to empty your bank account

At first glance, the name TAG Heuer Fuchsia MERIDIIST GMT might just evoke images of a classic looking watch in your mind, but when you study deeper into its meaning, it is actually a handset that has looks as its primary form of existence. After all, it comes with material that are normally unpronounceable by the man on the street – have you heard of a back cover dressed in Acrochordus arafurae skin before? Neither have we, so if you’re pretty scared of snakes, you might want to avoid this since acrochordus arafurae is a water snake from New Guinea and northern Australia. Apart from the much more exotic skin, everything else about this model is similar to the original, sporting a QVGA sapphire crystal main display, a secondary OLED screen, and a 2-megapixel camera. It hasn’t been listed on the official website just yet since it will be available from next year onwards, so be prepared to empty your bank account if you want this.

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