Acer Iconia

[CES 2011] The dual-touchscreen Windows 7 laptop from Acer was nominated the winner of the Last Gadget Standing. In case you haven’t heard about the Acer Iconia, this ambitious device from Acer replaces the physical keyboard on a laptop with touchscreen instead. This dual-screen laptop functions like a regular one but it contains software that optimizes the use of two touchscreens; like it was demonstrated at CES – the video player plays the video on the top screen while the bottom screen holds your video gallery and the playback/navigation controls. Fancy and practical, no doubt, but is it necessary? Congratulations to Acer for winning the award. Let’s see what next year’s CES has in store for us. If you disagree with the Iconia winning the Last Gadget Standing award, which device do you think deserved it instead? Let us know in the comments.

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