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gScreen dual-screen SpaceBook shipping this November
If you remember the monstrosity that is the gScreen SpaceBook that went up for pre-order last month (then again, how could you forget such a thing?); gScreen has announced the dual-screen notebook will start shipping out to customers in November, just in time for the Christmas festivities. The notebook, was designed for folks who need a portable workstation for editing video, photography and web design (basically anybody that needs a […]

Imerj dual-screen Android phone prototype spotted
The folks over at Engadget recently got their hands on a prototype phone from Imerj and gave it a thorough hands-on preview. The phone packs a dual-screen design that’s reminiscent of the Kyocera Echo that was introduced not too long ago, though this one features some improvements that put it a notch above Kyocera’s offering.First off you’ll notice that it’s running on Android 2.3 Gingerbread instead of 2.2 Froyo – […]

Mystery LG dual-screen phone spotted
The folks over at Pocket-lint managed to get their hands on mystery LG device at the Orange and Kineto Wireless event in London this week, and judging by the photographs, it looks like a very interesting phone. In the history of Android devices so far, there haven’t been many ground breaking designs, especially in recent months (bar the Kyocera Echo of course), they all look like black rectangular slabs with […]

LG Genesis set to arrive on US Cellular
According to reports online, we’re going to see a new dual-screen phone headed towards US Cellular sometime down the road. Manufactured by LG, the Genesis is a dual-screen Android phone that packs a 5 row QWERTY keyboard. If you think you’ve seen it before, you probably have. The phone is the enV Pro that was supposed to arrive on Verizon awhile back, but it never showed up.


Kno tablet is no more
Remember the Kno tablet that was supposed to be shipped out to pre-order customers by this month? Well, it’s uncertain if anybody even got their hands on one, as we’re having a hard time finding news of it online, but in any case – don’t expect them to arrive anytime soon. All hopes of getting the dual-screen educational tablet have been offically dashed. Kno Inc, the creator of the tablet […]

Sprint Kyocera Echo dual-screen Android phone now up for pre-order
If you’ve been waiting for the upcoming dual-screen Android phone from Kyocera to arrive on Sprint, today’s news should get you a wee bit more excited. The Kyocera Echo is now up for pre-order on Sprint. The phone that’s been slated to arrive on April 17 will set you back $199.99 after a mail in $100 rebate with a 2-year contract on Sprint. The dual-screen Kyocera Echo packs a 1GHz […]

Dual-screen Android phone Kyocera Echo arriving on April 17th for $199.99
The dual-screen phone from Kyocera, Echo, set to arrive on Sprint’s network has finally been given a release date and a price. After being announced awhile ago, and then recently spotted at the FCC, it looks like this unique Android handset will be making its way into our hands pretty soon. Sprint has just made known the phone’s release date – April 17. So if you’ve been looking forward to […]

Sprint Kyocera Echo Android phone passes the FCC
It’s been some time since the Kyocera Echo was announced by Sprint, and according to the reports, the dual-screen Android smartphone has made its way through the offices of the FCC. This can only be a good sign and might mean that it won’t be too long before we see it on sale. The Kyocera Echo is the first dual-screen cellphone in the US and will go on sale for […]

Kno dual-screen tablet shipping within the next 60 days
The Kno dual-screen tablet that was supposed to ship months ago will finally be making its way into the hands of eager customers. According to some reports, pre-order customers have been receiving calls to let them know that the tablet will be arriving within the next 60 days. It has also been stated that pre-order customers who didn’t get a phone call won’t be getting their tablets within the 60 […]

Sprint Echo dual-screen cell brings schizophrenia to your pocket
Sprint announced the Kyrocer-made Echo, the first dual-screen cellphone in the U.S.

Acer Iconia Windows 7 laptop is the best gadget of CES 2011
[CES 2011] The dual-touchscreen Windows 7 laptop from Acer was nominated the winner of the Last Gadget Standing. In case you haven’t heard about the Acer Iconia, this ambitious device from Acer replaces the physical keyboard on a laptop with touchscreen instead. This dual-screen laptop functions like a regular one but it contains software that optimizes the use of two touchscreens; like it was demonstrated at CES – the video […]

Acer Iconia Libretto Competitor with Dual-Screen Tablet
In addition to its Windows 7 tablet and Android tablets, the company has announced a dual-screen tablet/notebook that’s similar to the Toshiba Libretto. The Acer Iconia features two 14-inch touchscreen panels that can be used in either book mode or as a traditional notebook with the secondary screen providing dynamic keys for keyboards or buttons, depending on the program or mode that you’re in. The device packs an Intel Core […]

Fujitsu dual-screen touch smartphone
[CEATEC 2010] If a dual-monitor setup can improve our productivity with computers (it’s pretty much proven), could it make our smartphones better too? Maybe. Fujitsu has been playing with a dual-display touch phone that aims to make your experience better because you can see more information at once. When using it vertically or horizontally, you can split your content across two screens, just like you would do with a multi-monitor […]

Digital eBook Dual-screen Concept Reader
We’ve seen dual-screen devices before like the Entourage eDGe and the Microsoft Courier, but how many of those devices are as sleek as this Digital eBook concept device? Sure, it’s still a concept device, but it’s sleek and elegant, and makes an effort to keep the resemblance to your standard paper book by hiding all the controls in the sides. Wireless has been built-in too, allowing you to access an […]

Russia Is Developing Its Own Dual-screen 4G Smartphone
A video exchange between the Russian President Dmitri Medvedev and state technology official Sergei Chemezov has surfaced, apparently discussing the country’s first ever domestically-developed 4G phone. If you check out the video (after the jump), you’ll immediately notice that the phone is designed to sport two displays, with the curved rear display looking very much like an E-Ink display. Apparently the phone will be made by Russian telecom firm Yota, […]

Dual Screen Netbook Going On Sale Soon
You’ve probably seen the pictures of the Kohjinsha 10.1-inch dual-screen netbook that we reported on from CEATEC 2009. We’ve soon good news on that, as it looks like the netbook won’t be a prototype forever, and will apparently be sold in Japan from December 11th as the Kohjinsha DZ. It’ll set you back ¥79,800 ($925), but then again, how many dual-screen netbooks are there on the market, right? In case […]