[CES 2011] Love doing reading, but you hate it when your friends want to borrow your books? Well, that can be solved with the Book Saver from Ion – it basically takes everything from a book and transforms it into an e-reader-friendly format. All you need to do is make sure the book you want to save for posterity will fit within the confines of the Book Saver, click the button for it to scan and turn the page once you’re done. Yeah, we know, it isn’t automated yet and you will still need to rely on good ol’ fashioned manpower, but at least that makes sure the price point remains relatively low at $199 when it arrives later this spring. You are able to convert the book’s pages into various file formats for a wide range of compatibility with e-readers, making sure your precious books need not leave the bookcase ever again as you email your friends the digitized file.

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