The future does bring some rather interesting additions to the fore, among them include contact lenses that are capable of projecting images right on top of your retinas, according to researchers at the University of Washington who have been hard at work on super small and semi-transparent LEDs which will be integrated into existing contact lenses. To date, they managed to develop red and blue pixels, awaiting the day when they are able to figure out green ones to create full color displays. Now fret not that the images are just millimeters away from your retinas – they will still be in perfect focus, and once the display is turned off, everything else will end up being transparent. As the lenses themselves are inside your eyelids, you won’t be able to not see anything that is projected – so closing your eyes won’t work at all. Does this mean we will have to pay more to get ad-free contact lenses in the future? That is certainly open to debate.

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