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Contact Lenses That Dispense Drugs Could Be Effective Glaucoma Treatment Tool
Doctors are more often than not keen to find out whether their patients have been taking the right dose of medication, and on time, too. There has been a fair amount of methods that are being practised to make sure that patients do take their medication on time, all the time, but how about something more passive? Here is another pair of drug-eluting contact lenses that could pave the way […]

New Generation Contact Lens Might Offer You “Terminator” Vision
Imagine a pair of contact lenses that lets you zoom in and out with but a blink of an eye.

Future Contact Lenses Could Be More Comfortable
We could get more comfortable smart contact lenses soon.

Contact Lens Sports Embedded LCD Display
Wearing a pair of contact lens is something that you might want to check out if you are sick and tired of your glasses fogging up whenever you are about to dive into a piping hot bowl of noodles, or wish to swim around with a pair of goggles (non-powered ones, that is) while being able to see whether you are heading off to the deep end or not without […]


Virtual reality contact lenses offers 3D panoramic images
Contact lenses these days have evolved from being a corrective vision tool to one that gives you larger-than-normal eyes for manga lovers, as well as helping you obtain a new set of colors to play with the rest of your wardrobe. Scientists are coming up with a new kind of contact lenses – those that not only help you see better, but will also enhance normal vision with megapixel 3D […]

Microsoft develops smart contact lenses
Not content with just invading your living room, smartphone and computer with its products, it looks like Microsoft wants to be there in every aspect of your life. It has been reported that Microsoft Research and the University of Washington are working together to develop smart contact lenses. These lenses will feature electronics that are capable of functions such as monitoring blood sugar levels wirelessly.

Augmented Reality contact lenses in the works
Contact lenses sure are turning out to be more than just replacements for spectacles. Previously we reported about lenses that can be used to secrete medication into wearers, and now some scientists have figured out a new way to make use of them. Imagine walking around with a heads up display like the ones you get in first person shooters, or seeing what The Terminator sees – numbers, data, pictures […]

Contact lenses of the future projects images onto eyeballs
The future does bring some rather interesting additions to the fore, among them include contact lenses that are capable of projecting images right on top of your retinas, according to researchers at the University of Washington who have been hard at work on super small and semi-transparent LEDs which will be integrated into existing contact lenses. To date, they managed to develop red and blue pixels, awaiting the day when […]

Color-changing contact lenses for diabetics
A bunch of boffins from the University of Western Ontario are closer to developing color-changing contact lenses that will target diabetics after receiving more than 200 grand from the Canada Foundation for Innovation in order to further develop the technology. How does the color of their contact lenses change to alert others around the diabetic of particular remedies to be taken? The answer lies in some “extremely small” nanoparticles that […]

Electronic contact lens applications...
What would happen if you could have a display as close to your eyes as it can get? Some say “augmented reality”, but there are lower hanging fruits that might even be more useful. Assuming that the resolution is as high as what you eyes normally perceive, there are a host of image processing application that could be implemented without requiring storage or network access. Think about night vision, increased […]