Big news – the HTC ThunderBolt that will come from Verizon Wireless will be the carrier’s first ever handset to deliver voice and 3G data simultaneously – at least, according to a leak which was discovered late last night. A company memo did point towards the flagship Android device that it can handle “3G simultaneous voice & data”, although this fact isn’t marketed blatantly simply because you do not want to drum up expectations only to prick a balloon of hot air in the end. This ability is also known as SVDO (Simultaneous Voice and Data Optimized), and it goes to show that Verizon Wireless has slowly but surely gone around to implement such technology on its network. This has led some people to ask whether such similar support will be offered on the Verizon iPhone, although Apple and Verizon did mention that the CDMA flavor of the iPhone 4 is still unable to make phone calls without disrupting data – and vice versa.

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