OK, so we’ve seen a mouse with a built-in speaker, but this one from LG certainly ups the ante even further by included a scanner located at the bottom segment of the mouse. Yeah, it sounds crazy to us as well, and we have seen our fair share of gadgets and gizmos to date. The LG LSM-100 mouse is what we’re talking about, where it is capable of scanning a small area quickly and continuously while keeping track of your mouse’s movement to boot. Bear in mind that it has an integrated 5 LED, 300 dpi scanner within, so don’t expect the scan results to look as good as what a dedicated scanner machine is able to offer. There is no word on pricing or availability as at press time, but this idea sure as heck sounds crazy enough to work. Next item on the “To Do” list of mice engineers – create a model which is capable of grinding coffee as well…


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