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Mario Kart Hot Wheels Track Set Unveiled
We’re sure that many of us have grown up playing with Hot Wheels, which for those unfamiliar are a series of die-cast toy cars, some of which have been designed to resemble actual car models. For those who are still collecting, you might be interested in the company’s latest offering.

Hot Wheels With NFC Is The Childhood We Wished We Had
Back in the day, our toys were relatively low-tech where they were pretty much what they came out of the box of. These days, toys have become considerably more complex and sophisticated, and Mattel is certainly making us wish that we had some of them back in the day by launching the Hot Wheels Smart Track Kit.

Hot Wheels Unveils ‘Zoom In’ Toy Car With A GoPro Mount
Have you ever wondered what it looks like from a Hot Wheels perspective? If you’ve ever been curious, then you might be interested to learn that Mattel has unveiled a new Hot Wheels car (if you can call it that) called “Zoom In” that actually comes with a mount designed to fit a GoPro action camera.

Mattel Will Use Barbie To Teach Kids How To Code
It is understandable why educational toys are so popular. If your kids are going to play with toys, they might as well try and learn something from it too, right? That’s what Mattel is trying to do with its Barbie lineup because together with Tynker, they have partnered up to create coding lessons aimed to teach kids how to code.


Mattel Unveils Their ‘Tomb Raider’ Barbie
If you’re a fan of the Tomb Raider franchise, you might be interested to learn that Mattel has unveiled their latest Barbie doll, which in this case is none other than Lara Croft herself. However this Lara Croft Barbie will not be based on the older Tomb Raider franchise, but the more recent ones.

Hasbro Reportedly Looking To Acquire Mattel
Back in 2014, Hasbro was ranked as the third largest toy maker in the world, with estimated annual sales of $4 billion. The only two companies ahead of them are LEGO in second place with $4.5 billion in estimated annual sales, and Mattel in first place with $6.3 billion in estimated annual sales.

Mattel Cancels Their AI-Powered Speakers Over Privacy Concerns
With companies like Amazon showing that there is a demand for smart speakers, it did not come as a surprise to see other companies follow suit. In fact earlier this year Mattel announced that they would be launching a smart speaker of their own aimed at kids, but a report from the Washington Post has revealed that the device has since been cancelled.

Mattel Unveils Their ‘Amazon Echo’ For Kids
Voice-powered assistants like Amazon’s Alexa is great if you’re an adult and you can speak relatively clearly and succinctly, but when you’re a kid who might mumble and stumble through their words, sometimes the results from these voice assistant platforms might not be ideal, and this is something that the folks at Mattel want to solve.

Barbie Gets Up-To-Date With Drone Hoverboard
A photo posted by That Drone Show (@thatdroneshow) on Feb 16, 2016 at 11:41am PST Earlier this year, we brought you word on how new Barbies are set to arrive in a range of body shapes that would better represent the general populace, rather than to have those really, really skinny and nigh impossible proportions to live up to. Well, it looks like Mattel has decided to update the Barbie […]

Mattel ThingMaker 3D Printer Unveiled
3D printing has not quite made it to the mainstream market despite being around for some years, targeting enthusiasts and those who have a wee bit more disposable income than the rest. Having said that, Mattel might be looking to change things as they revealed the ThingMaker, which relies on modern day 3D printing technology to get the job done. In fact, it will be able to let one come […]

Mattel To Launch Updated View-Master DLX This Fall
Early last year, Google and Mattel unveiled the View-Master virtual reality headset. This is basically a hi-tech makeover of a classic children’s toy and in some way, you could even consider it a very souped up Google Cardboard. Now there were some features that were lacking, which is why its second iteration might be worth checking out.

New Barbies Arrive In Different Body Shapes
If there is one particular franchise that toy company Mattel would never dream of giving away or selling to another company, it would be their Barbie doll line. This iconic doll is a seemingly eternal cash cow, and for good reason too, having rolled out in iterations that will keep up with the times despite the fact that privacy concerns were raised at the same time. However, it looks like […]

Mattel & Google’s View-Master VR Headset Now Available For Purchase
Earlier this year Google and toy manufacturer Mattel entered in a partnership which resulted in a hi-tech version of the View-Master. If you want to give your kid an edge over the other kids in terms of tech toys, you might be pleased to learn that after about 8 months, the View-Master virtual reality headset is finally available for purchase.The device is priced at $30 by itself, and content packs […]

Mattel’s New Hello Barbie Doll Raises Privacy Concerns
It used to be that back in the day, the toys we played with were pretty static in the sense that they rarely talked to us, but this is 2015 and with smartphones recognizing our fingerprints and gadgets like the Kinect sensing our movements, it was only inevitable that our toys get just as hi-tech.This is what Mattel did when they recently unveiled their Hello Barbie toy at the New […]

Google And Mattel Give The View-Master A Hi-Tech Makeover
A little over a week ago, Google and Mattel teased an upcoming announcement and based on the invite, we speculated it might have something to do with the View-Master, a toy which many kids these days might not be familiar with. That being said it turns out the speculation was right on the money as it has been announced that the View-Master will be getting a 21st century makeover in […]

Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror
Little girls have their toys as well, but here is something that you might want to check out for those who are more tech-oriented, with the unveiling of the Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror that happened at the International Toy Fair by Mattel just last week. This unique toy for the modern day girl will be able to be paired up with an iPad, where it sports a vanity mirror that […]

Mattel does iPad games with figurines
On the iPad’s flat screen, physical and digital realms meet. How so, you ask? Well, this year’s International Toy Fair that is held in New York saw Mattel unveil a set of toy figurines which can play popular entertainment titles (read: games) on the iPad, ranging from the ever popular Angry Birds to Fruit Ninja and Cut the Rope. The introduction of Apptivity toys will feature touch-sensitive contacts on the […]

Mattel Hoverboard hails Back to the Future series
Most of us would have watched Back to the Future by now, and Marty McFly’s hoverboard is definitely one of the cooler gadgets from the science fiction setting, where we are left wondering just when will tomorrow’s technology arrive today? The future is now if Mattel has their ways, conjuring a full-scale replica of the hoverboard that was used by hero Marty McFly. The only drawback is, this hoverboard of […]

Mattel Ghostbusters ghost trap rolls back the years
Remember the Ghostbusters cartoon that was all the rage back in the 1980s, following the  full motion picture that had the Marshmallow Man as the guy – nay, ghost, whom Egon, Ray, Peter and gang had to take down? Well, you can relive those memories thanks to Mattel who decide to churn a replica of the ghost trap from the movie. You might be taken aback by the $135 price […]

Mindflex Duel tests your mental strength
[CES 2011] Ever wondered why some people are able to pull through difficult or high pressure situations better than others? Apart from training and conditioning, we are wont to say that they too have a pretty strong mind of their own. Well, Mattel might have just stumbled upon the next Jedi Mind Trick wannabe – the Mindflex Duel game. Based on the original Mindflex, the Mindflex Duel will pit two […]