NASA Spinoff app

NASA has just released a new app for Android and it’s not the NASA HD App that’s been released on the iPad for awhile now. In case you didn’t know, NASA Spinoff is a publication that informs folks of all the latest technologies that have are spinoffs of NASA’s space technology. This app won’t let you stream NASA TV, but if you’re interested in creating new products based on NASA’s technologies, the app will keep you updated and informed about the latest technological news at NASA, has a searchable database of NASA-derived innovations, a map of Spinoff locations, a historical timeline, and a database of NASA’s available licensing opportunities to inspire spinoffs of the future. So if you’re interested in getting to know all this technology to create new products or you just want to find out more about the latest tech at NASA, this app is for you. NASA Spinoff is now available on the Android Market.

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