You know how it is when you get home after a particularly rough day at the office, only to stumble through your living room as you grope for the light switch, stubbing your toe against some of your kids’ toys that are lying on the floor in the process. The quick barrage of expletives that spew out are stopped almost immediately as you realize your progeny is sleeping in the living room when the light is turned on. With the On/Off paint, such a scenario need not happen ever again, simply because this is one special kind of paint which can turn any surface of any size into one giant electric switch. It does seem to run off fairy magic, where you can paint it on your wall with a standard paint brush or roller, and even cover it with a different color paint or wallpaper, but it will still integrate with an electronic switch that you can set up to control your lights – or any other appliance if you want, of course. Heck, it is advanced enough to invoke the dimming process if that is what you want. Of course, this sounds convenient, but we think the main drawback would be having your light turned on and off unnecessarily simply because you brushed against your wall by accident. Bear in mind that this isn’t commercialized just yet, but we do home that it will happen one day – at a cost that isn’t too prohibitive, of course.


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