Victorinox intends to keep the Secure SSD company with a couple more additions – the Slim and Slim Duo USB devices that ought to provide you with peace of mind whenever you decide to store your data on them. The Slim range comprises of advanced USB flash drives, where they will come in flight friendly versions so that you need not have your precious memories confiscated at the boarding gate simply because they failed the security checkpoint. Available in various of up to 128GB, it certainly won’t be able to keep pace with the Secure SSD’s 256GB space, although for a standard USB flash drive, they are already more than commendable. Among the functionalities found in the Victorinox Slim and Victorinox Slim Duo include standard pocket knife functions like blades, a nail file and scissors – with a flight friendly version in tow. These products will be waterproof and shock resistant, coming in red, blue, orange, pink, green and silver colors to suit your fancy. Pricing details have yet top be announced, so make sure you have set aside part of your savings to bring one of these puppies home. Seems to be perfect for butterfingers, these. [Press Release]

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