Going green doesn’t just involve vehicles that run on four wheels as well as those which require asphalt for grip – sea-faring ships and vessels qualify, too. Well, this time around we have what is touted to be the first zero carbon life support vessel (LSV) in the world – a super-yacht known as the Ocean Empire. Basically, you can live on it indefinitely since it comprises of two hydroponic farms as well as fishing accommodations. The 144 foot Ocean Empire will come with three methods of energy capture-  with 4,305 square feet of solar panels capable of capturing 70 kW of power even under cloudy conditions, while an auxiliary 861 square foot skysail can be used to generate 200 kW to power the yacht at 18 knots. Last but not least, its Motion Damping Regeneration (MDR) system helps keep the ship from bobbing up and down due to waves, while making sure that energy is captured – as much as 50 kW, of course. Should you actually run out of juice, there is a Daimler Turbo Compound DD16 BlueTec diesel electric engine as a last resort. Of course, you have to make sure that your coffers have at least $17 million before setting this puppy out for sail.


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