Apple has announced that its new subscription service is now available to all publishers of content-based apps on the App Store, including magazines, newspapers, video, music and more. Apple still keeps a 30 percent cut of the payments that are made through the App Store, though publishers who use other methods to acquire subscribers (such as websites) will not need to give Apple a cut of the profits. Apple did add in a little clause that requires publishers to offer the same deal (or better) that is available via other methods on the App Store too, ensuring that users will always be able to get the best deal via the App Store. Of course, when you take into account the huge success of the App Store, it wouldn’t be surprising to see publishers accept Apple’s terms in order to enjoy the extra exposure of their wares. The App Store already offers over 350,000 apps to consumers in 90 countries, along with more than 60,000 native iPad apps.

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