Could Lamborghini be that hard up for cash that they need to release a Lamborghini-branded external hard drive in conjunction with Asus? Perhaps not, but it is rather disheartening to see a marquee like this being held back if you happen to use a slowpoke USB 2.0 hard drive inside, considering how performance enthusiasts have long settled for USB 3.0 connectivity. Guess that didn’t come across their minds as you can stash away a 500GB or 700GB of storage space which spins at 5400RPM in the USB 2.0 model, while 7200RPM in the speed of choice the USB 3.0 flavor. Of course, since it bears the famous Lamborgini name, expect a premium to be attached to the external hard drive, with the 500GB and 700GB models retailing for $120 and $140, respectively, being nearly double of what you would normally pay for a generic enclosure. No idea on how much the USB 3.0 model will cost, but it is most certainly the antonym of cheap.

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