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mLogic launches mDock for Mac computers
If your laptop is your main computer, you probably have multiple peripherals attached to it, such as a laptop cooler, an external mouse for those who hate using the touchpad, USB cable to charge your phone, printer cable, external monitor, etc. That’s all fine but when you need to pack your laptop up to take to class/work, you’ll need to unplug everything and plug them back again when you’re done. […]

1TB hard drive of pirated content is considered "art"
As technology is starting to become integrated more and more in our daily lives, the line that separates art and technology is starting to blur. So much so we’ve started calling computers with top of the line specs to be “pieces of art”, but perhaps this 1TB hard drive that’s being displayed on Art 404’s gallery with its own pedestal and all.

A-Data SH14 rugged external hard drive
One of the reasons people get external hard drives is so that they can carry them around and bring them wherever they go. Naturally all this back and forth will more than likely result in the occasional drop of the hard drive, which can be cringe-worthy, especially if it’s from a great height.

Silicon Power's S20 USB 3.0 External Hard Drive
If regular looking external hard drives bore you in terms of looks, or if you wanted an external hard drive that would go with your Alienware computer, then perhaps Silicon Power’s S20 offering may be something you might be interested in. The S20 model that is currently being offered by Silicon Power was modelled around a high-performance sports car, with the front side of the S20 supposedly resembling a sport’s […]


ioSafe SoloPRO keeps your data safe from fires and water
If you work in a hazardous area, or live in a place that’s prone to accidents, it’s important you you’re your data backed up – especially if you work with important files. While the cloud is a good alternative for storage, what do you do if you have loads of files that you need to transfer on a daily basis? Uploading a few hundred gigs of data is going to […]

Samsung S2 Gamers Edition hard drive
OK, so the Samsung S2 portable hard drive has seen quite a fair bit of action in its time, first coming pre-loaded with a Michael Jackson movie, while getting a USB 3.0 update later last year. This time around, Samsung intends to milk this cash cow for all it is worth by offering the Samsung S2 Gamers Edition hard drive, where consumers who decide to pick this up willbe able […]

Hitachi G-Technology shows off new hard drives
G-Technology by Hitachi has a brand known for their premium external storage solutions specially designed to handle content creation, despite being external drives. They will be showing off a whole bunch of new hard drives at the NAB 2011 this week. Made from high quality components – all aluminum enclosures, fastest interfaces, reliable hard drives, and latest chipsets, these external drives are meant to store your video footage (SD, HD, […]

Seagate GoFlex Slim Drive: the world's slimmest, portable, external hard drive
If you were looking for the slimmest external hard drive available on the market – look no further than Seagate’s latest offering. The GoFlex Slim Drive that is available today from Seagate has just earned the title of the world’s slimmest portable external hard disk. With a width of only 9mm, the GoFlex Slim Drive is roughly the width of a pencil. It comes equipped with a 7200RPM drive and […]

Asus Lamborghini external hard drive
Could Lamborghini be that hard up for cash that they need to release a Lamborghini-branded external hard drive in conjunction with Asus? Perhaps not, but it is rather disheartening to see a marquee like this being held back if you happen to use a slowpoke USB 2.0 hard drive inside, considering how performance enthusiasts have long settled for USB 3.0 connectivity. Guess that didn’t come across their minds as you […]

Sanho has spanking new HyperDrive range for your storage needs
Sanho’s new HyperDrive range ought to cater for most folks’ storage needs, as their new bunch of hard drives will come in a black case with a couple of mini USB ports and a power socket. Bear in mind that the HyperDrive does not ship with a standard AC adapter, but will instead rely on a USB-to-DC cable while the user-replaceable battery lets you shift up to 40GB of data […]

LaCie Tank hard drive enclosure looks mean enough
Mention LaCie and you know that you won’t have much problems when it comes to protecting your external hard drives, as the company’s latest product known as the Tank is not only robust, rugged and waterproof, it can also hold other items apart from your external hard drive – we’re talking about a Nintendo DSi, important jewelry, or other kinds of valuables thanks to the internal foam cubes that can […]

500GB Delorean Time Machine External Hard Drive
Many of us are in love with the Back To The Future films, and therefore it’s easy to understand the feeling that folks get when they lay their eyes on the 1:18 scale replica of the Delorean Time Machine that features a working 500GB hard drive inside, allowing you to have the coolest external drive on the block. It’ll set you back $250, but that’s probably well worth it for some […]

LaCie 2big USB 3.0 hits 6TB of storage space
Just how large do you think external hard drives can go, space-wise? Well, we’re looking at the LaCie 2big USB 3.0 which will feature a couple of 3TB hard drives inside, meaning you can now tote around a whopping 6TB of storage space. Not only that, LaCie has also tweaked it to increase its speed up by around 20%, hitting an estimated peak transfer speed of 306MB per second, which […]

Western Digital does not want to lose out on external drive race, launches 3TB monster
Western Digital intends to keep up with Seagate in terms of external hard drive capacities with their latest effort sporting 3TB of storage space, all crammed within a solitary hard drive. The latest My Book Essential will also feature USB 3.0 connectivity on the rear side, alongside a similar rounded black shell which is synonymous with the My Book Essential series. Not only that, both the My Passport Essential and […]