Samsung S2 Gamers Edition hard drive

OK, so the Samsung S2 portable hard drive has seen quite a fair bit of action in its time, first coming pre-loaded with a Michael Jackson movie, while getting a USB 3.0 update later last year. This time around, Samsung intends to milk this cash cow for all it is worth by offering the Samsung S2 Gamers Edition hard drive, where consumers who decide to pick this up willbe able […]

Buffalo DriveStation desktop hard drive

Anything that comes in black and is glossy is more or less certainly able to draw the attention of people, especially when it comes to gadgets and cars. We will look at the former for now, where Buffalo’s DriveStation desktop hard drive allows you to expand storage capacity of any computer or notebook simply by plugging it in via USB. Nice to know that Buffalo has made these available in […]

Buffalo MiniStation portable hard drive

I remember back in the day where a portable hard drive was a luxury item – you never really needed one, and if you did, it was probably meant to be brought over to your mate’s home as he/she had a DSL line to download all the movies and songs that you ever wanted (illegally, of course), only to bring it home for future enjoyment. After all, forbidden fruit always […]

Asus Lamborghini external hard drive

Could Lamborghini be that hard up for cash that they need to release a Lamborghini-branded external hard drive in conjunction with Asus? Perhaps not, but it is rather disheartening to see a marquee like this being held back if you happen to use a slowpoke USB 2.0 hard drive inside, considering how performance enthusiasts have long settled for USB 3.0 connectivity. Guess that didn’t come across their minds as you […]


Sanho has spanking new HyperDrive range for your storage needs

Sanho’s new HyperDrive range ought to cater for most folks’ storage needs, as their new bunch of hard drives will come in a black case with a couple of mini USB ports and a power socket. Bear in mind that the HyperDrive does not ship with a standard AC adapter, but will instead rely on a USB-to-DC cable while the user-replaceable battery lets you shift up to 40GB of data […]

Western Digital does not want to lose out on external drive race, launches 3TB monster

Western Digital intends to keep up with Seagate in terms of external hard drive capacities with their latest effort sporting 3TB of storage space, all crammed within a solitary hard drive. The latest My Book Essential will also feature USB 3.0 connectivity on the rear side, alongside a similar rounded black shell which is synonymous with the My Book Essential series. Not only that, both the My Passport Essential and […]

Imation Apollo Expert D300 external hard drive looks so last century

The Imation Apollo Expert D300 external hard drive might pack in some modern tech, but the design? Not exactly ground-breaking in any way. After all, you get a plain dull color on the outside as well as a pseudo-rectangular form factor that won’t turn heads at all. Still, $220 will net you USB 3.0 connectivity that is set to be all the rage in the future, coming in 500GB, 1TB […]

Western Digital 500GB My Passport Essential now comes in limited edition designs

Western Digital’s range of portable hard drives, in particular the 500GB My Passport Essential, will now come in limited edition designs thanks to students at California State University, Long Beach’s Industrial Design program. These drives will come in Boom Box, Black Hole, Cityscape, Fuchsia Leaf and Wave decorative patterns which will target students who love standing out from the crowd while looking stylish. All the new drives will play nice […]

Seagate GoFlex Drive Connects To Almost Everything

Seagate just launched FreeAgent GoFlex, a new line of external hard drives that can connect to most interfaces (USB 2.0, USB 3.0, FireWire 400, FireWire 800, and eSATA) so that users get the most of the connectivity they have on their computers. To achieve that, the Seagate GoFlex comes with many types of cables and is arguably ready for future ports. For Mac Users, there’s an interesting NTFS driver for […]

Transcend StoreJet 25D2 portable hard drive

Transcend has rolled out its latest StoreJet 25D2 portable hard drive that comes in a 2.5″ form factor, where it hooks up to your computing machine of your choice via USB 2.0. We would very much have preferred to see it come with USB 3.0 connectivity, but we guess until that platform becomes mainstream, USB 2.0 will still be here at least for a while. Its exterior comes with a […]

Transcend StoreJet 25D3 shockproof portable hard drive

Transcend has just announced its latest 2.5″ StoreJet 25D3 shockproof portable hard drive that is also USB 3.0 compatible, hitting a whopping data transfer speed of up to 90MB/s in real world usage. After all, it is also USB 2.0 compatible so you won’t need to upgrade the rest of your computer systems just yet. When connected in USB 2.0, the LED indicator will appear as orange while USB 3.0 […]

Toshiba StorE Art 3 external hard drive

Toshiba UK has just unveiled the new StorE Art 3 external hard drive that will come in a 2.5″ form factor, capable of toting around up to 1TB worth of data. What makes these plug-and-play hard drives special would be their design that features rubber edging for bump-resistance alongside an internal shock protection sensor to protect stored data just in case you happen to experience a bad case of butter […]

Verbatim Store ‘n’ Go external hard drive

Verbatim is back with a spanking new Store ‘n’ Go external hard drive which is based on a 2.5″ form factor and can hold up to 1TB of data within. Not only that, it seemed to have been designed specially for a summer release considering the bright colors that it comes in – we’re talking about red, blue, green, white, black, silver, purple and orange. Connecting to your computer through […]

Fan controller added to external hard drive

We all know just how much heat a hard drive can generate while it is in operation, and Alan decided to do something about the situation by designing a method to handle the heat efficiently. This was made possible by using a microcontroller as the brain alongside an LM35 temperature sensor, where the fan speed can be varied in 8 steps depending on the current temperature with a working range […]