HTC Inspire 4GIn today’s uninspiring news, it has been recently discovered that AT&T have been disabling 4G upload speeds on their latest Android phone, the HTC Inspire 4G. Whether this was done intentionally or not it’s yet to be known. Apparently HSUPA, a feature of the Qualcomm chip that powers the phone has been disabled on the phone itself, thus negating users’ ability to upload at 4G speeds. However, all hope is not lost – the unlocking of HSUPA can be done with a firmware update so a fix for this should be coming soon either from AT&T/HTC themselves for shipping a phone with such a problem, or from the folks from the community. It’s bad enough that they don’t offer “true 4G” with HSPA+ (3.5G) on their network, and next they choose to cap the upload speeds of their “4G” phone to have only 3G upload speeds? I’m pretty sure Inspire 4G customers aren’t going to take this one lightly.


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