Are you looking for a new gaming mouse since your old faithful has proven to be less than trustworthy these days? Of course, some might say that your gaming prowess is on the wane, but best to change the hardware first before coming to terms with the truth. Cooler Master, a brand name normally associated with computer peripherals that keep things running cool under the hood, is back with what they dub the Spawn gaming mouse.
While this is in no relation to Tood McFarlane’s comic book creation, it does make us wonder why such a name was picked. This is one of the rare few mice that cater to those who grip their mice like a “tiger claw”, where it will feature on-the-fly DPI change with a 3500 DPI laser sensor, 32KB on-board memory, 7 buttons which has been rated to be pressed 5 million times without missing a beat, a rubberized no-slip exterior and a $50 price tag thereabouts. Will this make you a better player? Only if you use the tiger claw, we suppose.

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