Glasses-free 3D

Who would’ve thought that glasses-free 3D wouldn’t do well in today’s world? Toshiba thought so too and felt the sting when they reported their lackluster sales for their TV sets that featured this technology. Apparently their best selling TV that featured glasses-free 3D only sold about 500 units in the whole of December – much less than half of what they hoped for. This could mean that the home consumer market just isn’t ready to accept such technology yet, or the prices are scaring people away. Case in point: Toshiba’s 20″ glasses-free 3D TV cost around $3,000 (not a very attractive price for such a small screen). Well, it’s only been a month of sales, maybe prices will drop and consumers minds will change. Do you think that it’s going to take a while to pick up sales, or is glasses-free 3D going to be a flop?

Publisher’s note: it’s clear that the quality/$ ratio of the first Toshiba glasses-free 3DTV is way off at this point, but it’s also clear that there won’t be any mass-adoption of 3D without a decent glasses-free technology.

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