Google, Nokia and Orange are currently toying with the idea of running ad campaigns which enable cell phone owners to interact with various posters which were specially set up in bus stops and other transportation hubs in New York, according to a Wall Street Journal article. These posters will be used to distribute wireless apps or ringtones, where Google’s own approach involves advertising an app while allowing folks to download it via a Wi-Fi router that has been installed at the bus stop. Hmmm, will there be security cameras as well to make sure no vandalism cases happen as someone out there might just be desperate enough to steal the wireless router for a quick buck? Hopefully security of the Wi-Fi routers are decent enough to prevent such things from happening. From March onwards, Orange will run an ad campaign for its ON wireless app that is powered by Google’s wireless OS. Nokia is not going to let everyone else steamroll over them by implementing a $1 million interactive poster campaign in New York and other places over the course of the last few months to promote its Ovi app. It is true, you can’t escape from ads anymore wherever you go, not even in the bathroom when you want some quiet time to yourself.

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