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Twitter Will No Longer Allow Political Advertisements
In a tweet by Jack Dorsey (CEO of Twitter), he announced that Twitter will no longer accept or promote political advertising on its platform.In addition to the announcement, he also mentioned – “We believe political message reach should be earned, not bought.“This is an indirect message to Facebook in a competition to earn the trust of its users to consider Twitter as a superior platform that is free from political […]

Next-Generation Product Placements Coming To Your Favorite TV Show
 Ryff’s Placer is a video platform that allows for the real-time manipulation of video streams (live or pre-recorded). The company has come out of stealth mode and announced the first application of Placer : product placements. The paradigm shift could be as significant as when web advertising first became targeted.

How To Disable Google Chrome Ad Block
Google Chrome’s recent update integrated a native ad blocker into the browser, aimed to block ad content that might qualify as intrusive or annoying, while allowing ads from websites that properly follow the guidelines.The default option in Chrome is to enable the particular feature. But what if you don’t wish your browser to have any kind of control over the content that is being displayed to you?In this tutorial, we […]

Samsung's Astronomical 2013 Marketing Expenditures On Home Turf Detailed
The fact that Samsung is based in South Korea doesn’t mean that the company faces no problems in pushing its products to its fellow citizens. Quite the contrary, Samsung spends hundreds of millions of dollars on marketing in South Korea. According to the company’s regulatory filings in the country, its sales promotion costs exceeded its advertising expenditures. Promotional expenditures were up 38.7 percent in the first three quarters of 2013 as […]


ad:tech New York - November 6-7
ad:tech is the leading digital marketing event for marketing and technology professionals from all over the world – a marketplace for buying and selling, a community for networking, a forum for exchanging ideas and an opportunity for contributing to industry trends and initiatives. ad:tech brings industry thought-leaders together to share best practices and to discuss what’s next in digital marketing.Ubergizmo readers get a 20% discount on the registration fee with promo code NY13UBER20

Font Helps The Blind To “Read”
The Thailand Association of the Blind did approach advertising agency BBDO Proximity recently with a rather special albeit challenging brief: To create equality for the blind or visually impaired alongside a fully sighted person where reading is concerned. This does sound like an impossible ‘problem’ to solve, but I suppose the folks over at BBDO Proximity must have taken a page out of Adidas’ playbook, citing the fact that ‘Impossible […]

Targeted Real-Life Ads Can Figure Out 'Who You Are'
Advertising is an industry that works on metrics and the more detailed the information of their target demographic, the better. In fact, you could say that the digital age has brought about a change in the way advertising works, with targeted adverts that are based on your web browsing history becoming an established force online for quite some time now. The thing is, how will the general masses react should […]

New Google Chrome Ad Spoofed By Microsoft
Right on the heels of a very successful Google I/O conference during which Google has shows on stage that Chrome was becoming as good on mobile as it is on desktop, the company also launched a new television ad that I’ve seen a couple of time on live TV since. It is true that with 750M active users, it’s hard to argue that Chrome isn’t experiencing a meteoric rise. However, shortly […]

Twitter Introduces Keyword Targeting For Advertisers
Twitter announced today that advertisers can now target their ads based on keywords from user’s tweets. The keyword targeting ability will allow marketers to reach users in the right context, at the right moment. Twitter says that this new feature is an important capability for advertisers who are looking for signals of intent. Keyword targeting in timelines is available today in markets where Twitter ads are supported.It is available through the […]

Samsung AllShare Super Bowl Ad: Fun!
And so it starts… Samsung has released a Super Bowl teaser yesterday but this is time, it’s the complete Samsung All Share Super Bowl video commercial. In case you’re not familiar with All Share, it’s a feature of Samsung mobile devices that allows users to… share (or “beam”) video or music content to televisions. All Share is an extension of DLNA, an established network-sharing protocol that is widely used in […]

Creepy marketing campaign "will find you" with GPS-equipped candy bars
If you’re a secretive person in the UK, you might want to stay away from Nestle candy for the next few weeks. Nestle’s new marketing campaign, called “We Will Find You,” has embedded six GPS trackers in in candy such as Kit Kat bars in an attempt at a Willy Wonka-style promotion. The difference is in the movies, you saw your Golden Ticket when you unwrapped a bar. In real life, […]

The Talking Domino’s Pizza Scooter
The famous pizza brand Domino’s which is getting less and less association with the actual game around which the name revolves, seems to have become a name synonymous with pizza along with the more literal Pizza Hut. Now, it looks like the folks behind the pizza at Netherlands have come up with an innovative way of not only spreading the brand name around but also inducing laughter everywhere its delivery […]

Mood Based Audio Ads by Moodagent and Mixberry Media
Mixberry media is an audio ad network that delivers digital audio ads during web pages or applications loading time. The service offers the ability for brandsto easily create their own audio ads with multiple languages and different voices using the Mixberry Media online AdStudio . We have covered several times Moodagent, the popular music application that automatically select playlists based on the user’s mood. The latest additions of the Moodagent […]

Tokyo train station ad has eyes that follow you
One of the busiest train stations in Japan is located in Shinagawa, and that is where an interesting Minority Report style advertisement has generated quite a buzz. In this ad, the main character featured is part of a Suntory advertisement for black oolong tea, that advertises purported health benefits. What makes this particular character more compelling to look at (or creepy, depending on how you perceive the situation), would be […]

Samsung advert pokes apple customers
Samsung has dropped a video advert that efficiently uses a few cliches about Apple customers waiting in line to get the new iPhone. The ad is getting massive viral traction on social networks, and to be honest, it’s pretty funny. A must watch for Samsung fans, but a fun watch for everyone. I like the fact that while it’s a good poke, it’s not mean. Tell us what you think […]

Nokia to target teens to help rejuvenate their brand
Those of us back in the days of the feature phone probably associate Nokia with their feature phones such as the ever classic Nokia 3210, 3310, and the 8250. We probably also don’t remember too fondly Nokia’s failure to play catchup and thus allowing iOS and Android to dominate the smartphone market, which is why our generation is probably not the generation that Nokia plans to target in their upcoming […]

QR codes on rooftops used to advertise on Google Earth
If you’re in need for a rather unique way of advertising your product or company, Philips & Co. has a new proposition that they’re calling “Blue Marble”, and essentially what they will do for you is that they will create a QR code that can be scanned along with whatever pertinent information you would like attached with it.

Touchpad Tops Android Share in Advertising [Ad Agency]
Jumptap, a mobile advertising agency has released statistics which shows that the HP TouchPad apps have already gathered 8% of the tablet mobile advertising share, which is comparable to Android’s 9.4%. This is a surprising number as Android tablets have been on sale for some time, while the HP Touchpad has been on the market for a mere couple of weeks. That said, the $99 has probably helped, but still, […]

Facial recognition advertising now available
Remember the movie Minority Report and how stores and advertisements would be able to recognize a person and greet them accordingly? For those who may not have watched the movie or have forgotten, there are scenes in the movie where Tom Cruise’s character enters a departmental store and a billboard advertisement, and by scanning his eyes they were able to recognize him, and greeted him and listed his preferences.

Advertisers look into face scan technology
Advertisers are always on the lookout for the next big thing in terms of hitting their target audience, and facial recognition technology is called into play this time around. Just how will it be applied? For starters, you will have the software behind a digital billboard or kiosk analyze your mug, coming up with the gender and age details. Once that is done, it will be able to narrow down […]