Nobody likes seeing ads but they’re hard to avoid with free-to-use services. If you weren’t satisfied with being bombarded by ads while surfing the web or watching videos on YouTube, rejoice, because soon you may see ads in the Google Play Store as well. Not just any ads, mind you, Google is beta-testing video ads in the Play Store. Google has confirmed today that it’s testing a new ads format for the Play Store.

Google has confirmed to Ubergizmo that these video ads will not auto-play, which is better for the overall user experience.

It’s not like you don’t already encounter ads in the Play Store. They pop up in the search results and in the Home feed occasionally, Google says that ads in the Play Store have resulted in more than 10 billion app installs for developers.

Google is also experimenting with rewarded ads which will allow users to watch an extra clip to earn in-game incentives such as credits or power-ups. It’s going to let developers place rewarded ads in the AdMob Ad Network (Google’s Apps ad network) as well during this test. Whether or not it will widely roll out this new ad format depends on the feedback Google gets.

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