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Overclock your brain with a $99 DIY kit
Here is a little lesson in reasoning – your brain is a computer, and hence, if you can overclock computers, surely the same applies to your brain as well. Unfortunately, there are no jumpers or adjustable voltage for us to play with where our brains are concerned, but Benjamin Syzek, a Ph.D neuroscience student at Michigan State University, might beg to differ. He claims that transcranial direct current stimulation (TDCS) […]

Motorola XOOM overclocked, breaks previous record with 1.6GHz speed
The Motorola XOOM had experienced an overclocking experience which we covered at the end of February this year, touching 1.5GHz while taking on the mantle of a new record. Well, some months have passed, and while the Motorola XOOM did not burn up the sales charts, it has gone under the scrutiny of at least one person who thinks that the tablet could be pushed beyond 1.5GHz in terms of […]

Samsung Galaxy S II has just gotten more powerful
Is it safe to peek out behind your curtains where powerful smartphones tend to be released at increasingly higher rates of frequency? Not quite if you do not have a penchant for speed – after all, just how much faster do you expect the 1GHz dual-core processor powered Samsung Galaxy S II to go? 1.2GHz? Been there, done that. 1.5GHz? Now we’re talking – thanks to coolbho3000 over at the […]

Motorola XOOM overclocked, touches 1.5GHz mark
We have unboxed the Motorola XOOM tablet and will be bringing you one of our more comprehensive reviews in due time, but we don’t think we will take our chances by overclocking it to 1.2GHz as what has already happened here. The XOOM is currently one of the fastest Android tablets on the market courtesy of the speedy 1GHz dual core NVIDIA Tegra processor that is capable of handling 3D […]


Sprint Galaxy Tab overclocked to 1.2GHz
While you were busy dreaming of a more powerful Galaxy Tab, folks out there have already managed to overclock Sprint’s Galaxy Tab, bumping the clockspeed up to a juicy 1.2GHz. The hack itself isn’t too simple, so if you’re not confident about your technical abilities, we wouldn’t suggest you give it a try, especially since there is a rather stern warning posted just before the guide. Would you be willing […]

Nexus S now overclocked to 1.3GHz
It was just yesterday when we reported about the Google Nexus S phone being over clocked to 1.2GHz, now it looks like the developer is far from done and has managed to push another 100MHz out of the Hummingbird CPU, bringing it up to 1.3GHz. Makes me wonder how fast will ever be fast enough? The kernel has also been tweaked to be more stable, but problems with Bluetooth haven’t […]

Samsung Galaxy S hits new speed limits at 1.6GHz
So you think that the Samsung Galaxy S which hit a stunning 1.2GHz in terms of overclocking was impressive – wait until you see the latest attempt that achieves a speed of 1.6GHz! Faster than some netbooks out there in the market, this is clearly pushing the limits of the Hummingbird processor within the smartphone. In benchmark tests, the overclocked handset managed to hit a score of over 3000 on […]

Nokia 5230 Overclocked To 800MHz - Almost Double Its Original Speed
A video showing an overclocked Nokia 5230 has surfaced on the Internet. The speed of the 5230 was increased almost twofold from a modest 434MHz to a more impressive 800MHz. Who would’ve thought this almost-1-year-old phone could turn into a speed demon so easily. Though why anyone would overclock this phone is beyond our understanding. Perhaps the user wanted to run games or Ovi Maps better? Either way, the hack […]

Intel Overclocks Its Sandy Bridge CPU To 4.9GHz Using Air Cooling Only
Many folks are wondering what to expect from Intel’s upcoming Sandy Bridge processors, and Intel seems to be quite happy to fill you in with that information. The chip giant decided to spare some time and perform some overclocking feats this week. Details weren’t abundant, but a new CPU was overclocked using air cooling and tested running Cinebench R11.5. With that setup, the processor managed to run at 4.9GHz and […]

SetCPU for Android ekes out even more performance from your smartphone
In life, effective people tend to rely on the power of leverage as they maximize just about everything and anything possible to get ahead and remain there. In terms of smartphone hardware, you can always opt for the safe route of purchasing a model that has the fastest processor in the market, but for the more adventurous types, there is always the option of overclocking your device – albeit it […]

Samsung Captivate overclocked to 1.2GHz
So the Droid Pro will be the fastest Android smartphone when it arrives, touting a 1.3GHz processor, but if you want to be right at the top of the food chain at the moment, you won’t go wrong with any 1GHz Snapdragon-powered smartphones. What about the Samsung Captivate, you ask? Well, a modder decided to overclock its processor to touch 1.2GHz from 1GHz, with the potential of touching 1.6GHz without […]

Asus and G.Skill team up for highest overclocked DDR3 memory
Just a question – does the highest overclocked RAM automatically become the fastest? Well, Asus and G.Skill has teamed up to conjure the highest overclocked DDR3 memory in the world, where it hit an amazing 2.5GHz in terms of frequency to offer unprecedented performance for dual-channel DDR3 memory. This was made possible thanks to Asus P7P55D-E Deluxe and P7P55D-E EVO motherboards, where both come with significant overclocking features integrated within […]

EVGA GeForce GTX 470 Hydro Copper FTW Graphics Card Now Up For Pre-order
Shopping around for a new graphic card? EVGA has started to take pre-orders for its upcoming GeForce GTX 470 Hydro Copper FTW graphic card. Specifications of this water cooled graphics card include 448 CUDA cores, a 320-bit memory interface, 3-way SLI support, 1280MB or GDDR5 memory and dual-DVI and mini HDMI outputs. If the water cooling setup didn’t give it away, the card offers a few factory overclocked frequencies, which […]

Nokia N900 Overclocked To 1GHz
Nokia’s N900 might not be the newest smartphone on the block, but it seems that owners of the N900 don’t want to see it left behind, as they’ve managed to boost the clock speed of the processor from its stock 600MHz to a whopping 1GHz, albeit the maximum stable clock speed seems to be 900MHz. All this was done via a recompiled kernel, so there was no CPU voltage hack […]

HP Mini 311 overclocked
Owners of the HP Mini 311 can now eke out more performance from their machines by overclocking it, using the Asrock OC Tuner which is compatible with the NVIDIA chipset and Atom platform that currently see action in the HP Mini 311. With Asrock OC Tuner, a DIY buff managed to overclock the Atom processor to hit 1.85GHz in speed while keeping things stable.

Sony Vaio P overclocked
The Sony Vaio P seemed to be too slow for this particular forum poster, and he decided to use his technical know-how to overclock it for a more commendable performance, pushing the Intel Atom Z540 1.86GHz processor to run at 2.40GHz without compromising on stability. Good news is this – no modifications were required such as an additional cooling fan or solution, apart from keeping it propped up with an […]