Plextor has a spanking new external Blu-ray writer that was specially designed to be a speed demon – coming in the form factor of the PX-LB950UE. What does it offer underneath the hood? How about a 12x write speed for single-layer Blu-ray media and 8x for double layer? Apart from that, you will find that speed is its main weapon, since Plextor has thrown in USB 3.0 and eSATA connectivity into the mix so that waiting time is kept to a minimum. In-device labeling technology makes you produce some really professional-looking discs, while burn accuracy, quality and stability are more or less a given thanks to a low vibration system and 8MB buffer. Targeting home and business users, it is capable of recording up to 50GB of data to one double-layer disc at an 8x write speed. Out in Europe later this month for around GBP179 (US$286), we do wonder when will we see this Stateside.

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