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MnemosBOX: 16TB NAS Over 200 Blu-Ray Discs
Walking around professional trade shows can yield some interesting encounters: the MnemosBOX is a Rackable Blu-Ray jukebox that can read/write 16TB of data across 200 standard Blu-Ray optical discs.  It gets even better as it is possible to link 8 units to scale the available storage linearly.

Blu-ray Player Hacked To Be Salmonella Detector
The Blu-ray disc player has certainly gone through quite an adventure so far, having managed to fend off its main rival format, HD DVD, while slowly but surely making itself a constant presence in our living rooms despite the existence of DVDs. It is also interesting to take note that the humble Blu-ray disc player has been specially hacked that would transform it into a highly affordable salmonella detector. This […]

Music Albums To Arrive In Blu-ray Format Soon
Music has definitely come a long way, especially in the format or media in which it is presented. Back in the days of our grandparents, they had this thing called vinyl records, and along the way, cassette tapes came and made a difference. Of course, we have since moved on to digital audio thanks to the introduction of CDs, and MP3s saw the explosion of mobile music regardless of the […]

Sceptre 3D HDTV integrates Blu-ray drive
[CES 2012] Sceptre intends to make history this CES by introducing a new 3D-capable HDTV that will feature a built-in Blu-ray drive, making sure you get all (at least for the moment) the entertainment possibilities on a single consumer electronics device instead of making two purchases. It is all about convergence, and hopefully the parts and components used here are of top-notch quality so that it does not end up […]


Transformers: Dark of the Moon gets Blu-ray 3D version
Have you watched Real Steel? I half expected Hugh Jackman to do a Wolverine on Zeus by popping out his claws, severing the head of robots just like how he treated Sentinels in the X-Men comics. Good thing the story did not turn out that way, as Real Steel sported far more soul despite having less robots compared to the loud Transformers franchise. For fans of the latter, you will […]

M-Disc said to be able to withstand boiling water and liquid nitrogen
If you believe what Apple is saying about the dying media format that is the CD/DVD (hence the lack of optical drives on the MacBook Air and the latest refresh of the Mac Mini), then you have to wonder why would a company still attempt to innovate the CD despite reports of its declining status. However if you believe that optical media is still the best way to back up […]

Samsung BD-D7000 Blu-ray player begins to ship
Folks living in South Korea – take note, you have an umpteenth Blu-ray player coming your way, so you might be jaded by such news already. Still, at least this dedicated Blu-ray player is not going to get hacked twice in a month, but that is another can of worms altogether. I digress, and here are further details concerning the Samsung BD-D7000 Blu-ray player.This is a compact device as you […]

Blu-ray recorders from Mitsubishi Electric
Mitsubishi Electric does not fall under the spotlight all too often, but today we have word of the company rolling out a trio of Blu-ray recorders that will come in the form of the DVR-BZ450, DVR-BZ350 and DVR-BZ250 models. All three of them will unsurprisingly share the same specifications – we are looking at 3D Blu-ray support, BDXL compatibility, AVCREC, a couple of digital TV tuner so that you can […]

Sothink Blu-ray Burner 2.1 loves being Speedy Gonzales
Speed is of the essence – at least, that is the motto which we think Sothink’s Blu-ray Burner 2.1 subscribes to. After all, SourceTec Software has just released the Sothink Blu-ray Burner 2.1 that inherited fast speed to burn Blu-ray discs and creating movie menu functions from its predecessor, although a newer version will come with better features, and this version is not lacking in any way, either. Apparently, the […]

Asus BW-12D1S-U external 3D Blu-ray writer
Asus scores another first with the BW-12D1S-U, where it is touted to be the fastest external 3D Blu-ray writer in the world. That title shouldn’t be too hard to earn considering how non-competitive this sector of peripherals are. Apart from making it easy to make the jump from DVD, the BW-12D1S-U is also proud to offer the most reliable Blu-ray burning performance – at least that is what the folks […]

Samsung external 3-D Blu-ray combo drive
Samsung has just announced their latest external 3-D Blu-ray combo drive, otherwise known as the SE-406A for easier reference. Sporting a slim design with an extremely compact footprint to make it nigh portable, this new external 3D Blu-ray drive will also help you in your travels by eliminating the need for a power cord since it is USB powered. Apart from that, we do understand that it is an unspoken […]

Plextor PX-LB950UE Blu-ray writer hits the deck
Plextor has a spanking new external Blu-ray writer that was specially designed to be a speed demon – coming in the form factor of the PX-LB950UE. What does it offer underneath the hood? How about a 12x write speed for single-layer Blu-ray media and 8x for double layer? Apart from that, you will find that speed is its main weapon, since Plextor has thrown in USB 3.0 and eSATA connectivity […]

Panasonic DMR-BR30 Blu-ray recorder with swappable hard drives
It’s not too hard to find Blu-ray recorders that feature integrated hard drives, but Panasonic’s DMR-BR30 that was announced for the Japanese market features a slot for swappable hard drives. The idea of this recorder is probably to mimic the functionality of VHS cassettes. The bad news is that you won’t be able to take just any hard drive, but you’ll need to buy Panasonic’s DY-HDD500 500GB hard drive for […]

Audiovox brings Blu-ray to the road
Audiovox intends to bring high definition entertainment to the road with their latest automotive Blu-ray player, the AVDBR1. Out later this spring for $349, the AVDBR1 will usher in a new era of in-car entertainment by offering HDMI, composite and component video connectivity, although viewing 1080p video on a 4″ or even 7″ display isn’t going to do much for the eyes, but at least you do give those Blu-ray […]