A new report from CVG is going around that suggests the Nintendo 3DS will get its very own Wi-Fi messaging client in a new firmware update. Those who have imported a 3DS or received early access to 3DS review units from Nintendo are all ears because the current 3DS system OS does not have such a feature. CVG, a well known gaming source has clearly seen something that hasn’t yet been released yet. DS owners know that their gaming system has a little system software known as PictoChat that lets users draw little doodles or write messages and send them to other DS users within close range. Apparently Nintendo’s killed the little messenger and will replace it with a client that can be accessed in-game, so you can “trash-message?” your buds when you beat them in online multiplayer games. If CVG’s write-up isn’t completely bogus, then the 3DS might be getting a few goodies other than a web browser and Virtual Console to bolster its appeal. We love it when firmware updates give new features to devices.


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