Angry Birds

Looks like another case of deluded opinions from people in the mobile gaming industry – Peter Vesterbacka, the head developer of Angry Birds at Rovio recently stated at SXSW that console games are dying and that mobile phones and tablets are the future of gaming. While it is true that mobile phone games are cheaper and much more accessible due to the fact that everybody has a smartphone nowadays, those games just don’t live up to the experience you get from full-blown games that you experience on your TV. As casual games for you to play while waiting for the bus or standing in line at a long queue, mobile phone games are great time wasters. But hours spent playing Angry Birds aren’t going to draw you in like the storyline-based games of Final Fantasy, or Heavy Rain. And playing those sorts of games on a tiny screen on the mobile phone isn’t going to provide the same experience either. I’d like to think that cellphone gaming is going to complement the gaming industry instead of killing off consoles. They clearly both have their advantages and disadvantages. What do you think?

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