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Top HD Wallpapers Sources
Wallpapers keep our devices fun and attractive, they represent our own style and liking. We can customize PCs or smartphones with different wallpapers to keep its look fresh and feast our eyes on amazing images of things we love.It is not hard to find a wallpaper according to taste, however, getting access to high quality wallpaper sources might not be that easy because there are tons of websites/apps available that […]

Video Of Kids Reacting To A Rotary Phone Might Make You Feel Old
We’re living in the age where smartphones are just everywhere. In fact some people don’t even use their landlines since they have their phones with them all the time, making it more convenient than having to run to the phone every time it rings.However back in the day, the good old days, landlines were extremely common and phones were big and huge, not like the sleek and more digital models […]

'The Bags That Talk' By Designer Sean Miles
Do you think that designers know something which we do not? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you might want to check out just what designer Sean Miles has done with the latest series known as “The Bags That Talk”. This particular range of vintage designer handbags do not only look great to be carried around with all the lady stuff inside, but what makes them unique is […]

Mobile Phones Useful For End-Of-Life Instructions
In a way, you can say that advance care directives (ACDs for short) are legal documents which enable folks to inform others around them the quality of life that one is prepared to accept when in a coma, terminally ill, or do not have the capacity to speak for themselves. Since not too many people have ACDs at the moment, and even those who do hardly carry them around, clinicians […]


Survey: Most Americans play games on phones to kill time
There is a new ‘Y U Play?’ survey from MocoSpace that shows the number 1 reason for Americans spending time on their mobile phones would be to “kill time”, while another third play for entertainment’s sake. Out of the sample crowd of over 10,000 gamers, 10% of them played games to compete, while lagging a wee bit behind at 9% is the motive of meeting new people. Hmmm, I wonder, […]

Samsung to sell modified Galaxy handsets to avert Dutch ban
Since Samsung will be banned from selling a number of its Galaxy phones in the Netherlands, due to being guilty of violating a number of Apple’s patents, it looks like the company has found a way to circumvent it. The company has announced that it will be selling modified versions of its phones over there. Some of the phones that will be receiving modifications are the Galaxy S, Galaxy S2 […]

DIY wooden charging stand for your phone
If you’d like to embark on a DIY project and make yourself a charging stand for your phone, Jerry Jaksha has an instructional video online that will teach you how to make a charging stand for your phone all by yourself, and based on the video, it does not appear that it will take you very long either!

Scosche boomCAN portable media speakers
Interested in getting your hands on a set of portable speakers? If you are in the market for such a pair of speakers, it appears the Scosche has something that could be right up your alley with the boomCAN portable media speakers.

Steer Safe lets you check your phone while driving
Safe to say the majority of us have been guilty of using our phones while driving, admit it, there were probably occasions when you have received a particular important phone call or text message which required immediate attention despite the fact that you were driving. Don’t worry because you’re not alone, in fact there’s even an accessory that will help you do that! Wait, that didn’t sound right.

HTC purchases mobile backup service developer, Dashwire
While HTC is still under fire from Apple due to alleged patent infringement, it doesn’t look like the Taiwanese manufacturer is letting those problems get in the way of its business. It has been recently reported that HTC has purchased a Seattle company named Dashwire. Known for developing a platform that lets users back up data created on their phones to the cloud, Dashwire will become a subsidiary of HTC. […]

A concept solar powered charger that is said to work under many weather conditions
We understand that using solar power to charge your phone isn’t exactly news, but perhaps this solar powered charging concept by designer Nikolay Bastrakov might have a little something extra to it that will make it more interesting.

Sony Ericsson to launch Android NFC phones
NFC (Near Field Communication) is an up and coming technology in the US but at the moment there aren’t many phones on this side of the world (it is huge in Japan) that can take advantage of it. Phones with NFC capabilities are only starting to show up and the Google Nexus S is pretty much the only phone that supports it right now. But with Google Wallet recently introduced, […]

Verizon release schedule for May confirmed?
The folks at Droid-life claimed that they were contacted by Verizon and given the May release schedule for their upcoming Android phones. If things go according to play, it looks like we’re going to have a very exciting May 12 and May 26. According to them, the Droid X2 will be on sale May 12 – Verizon is now trying to sell off the remaining Droid X stock to create […]

Google I/O 2011: Google wants your unlocked Android phones instead
Eschewing the tradition of giving developers free phones at their annual Google I/O conference this year, Google has announced that this year, they’ll be doing the opposite instead. In an announcement on the official Google code blog, the company has mentioned that at the upcoming Google I/O event, they will be accepting donations of any unlocked Google phones that you aren’t using anymore. The phones will then be donated to […]