I remember back in the day where a portable hard drive was a luxury item – you never really needed one, and if you did, it was probably meant to be brought over to your mate’s home as he/she had a DSL line to download all the movies and songs that you ever wanted (illegally, of course), only to bring it home for future enjoyment. After all, forbidden fruit always tastes better, right? Well, these days a portable hard drive is more or less a must have item for plenty of people, simply because files have gotten way larger even for work, and a large capacity USB flash drive doesn’t make much economic sense despite being small enough to carry around in a small pocket. Buffalo has their latest piano-black lightweight and portable MiniStation which will be USB powered, making sure you need not get bogged down by carrying another power supply on your travels. You can choose from 500GB and 1TB capacities, and it is purely meant to be another storage device and not one which is performance oriented.

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