Tobii Lenovo laptop

Navigating without a mouse on a laptop usually means using a cumbersome trackpad to control where your cursor appears. It looks like those days will soon be behind us. With the innovation of touchscreens in laptops, we might not have to use the trackpad anymore. Even more so recently, at CeBIT 2011, Tobii and Lenovo recently unveiled a prototype laptop that makes use of eye-tracking cameras for users to control their laptops. The laptops uses two infrared light sources that reflect invisible light off your retinas and these reflections are picked up two cameras which can then determine where you are looking at on the screen. So all you need to do when you want to scroll down a page is to look at the bottom of the page, and you can click links just by looking at them. This means no more hassles of having to carry around travel mice with you in the future, and people who have lost the ability to control their arms will still be able to use laptops with ease. Currently the laptop is still in its prototyping stages, so don’t expect to see it on sale anytime soon.

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